About Al Mukhtara Al Zahabi (Golden) - Madinah

About Us

Al Mukhtara Al Gharbi Hotel Madinah

Al Mukhtara Gharbi Hotel Madinah is surely a luxurious looking lodging best known for its Saudi Arabian style architecture, modern amenities, space and of course close vicinity towards Masjid Al Nabawi.

Stay in the company of near and dear ones inside the hotel and experience a plush level of hospitality from diligent and trained staff. On the other side, taste the rich delicacies of Saudi Arabia by enjoying fine dining pleasure inside the restaurant meant for guests comfort.

The city of Madinah is known for its religious sanctity and the pure Saudi Arabian culture that allow number of travellers from all across the world to reach the same.

Especially for Muslims, Madinah has a special place in their heart all because of the second best destination to perform the sacred act of Umrah.

Al Mukhtara Al Gharbi Hotel - Madinah