Al Mukhtara Al Gharbi Hotel - Madinah

Al Mukhtara Al Gharbi Hotel Madinah

Plan your journey to the beautiful outskirts of the city along with experiencing different cultural essence by booking your stay inside Al Mukhtara Gharbi Hotel Madinah.

One of the pioneer lodgings of the city best known for its centrally placed benefit, 8-minute walking distance away from the famous Masjid Al Nabawi and also close retreat to the Old Bazaar, Mayaya Mall and the Madinah Mall.

Book your stay in the refined Al Mukhtara Gharbi Hotel Madinah to lay rest inside cosy rooms, make best out of modern amenities and experience an upscale level of hotel’s hospitality.

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Our Rooms

Well-equipped with numerous set of amenities like comfortable beds, carpeted floor, free Wifi, private bathroom, complimentary water, flat screen TV and air condition sure to provide a memorable staying pleasure.


If you are having knack for lip-smacking meals whether of Saudi Arabia or even of international cuisine, then Al Mukhtara Gharbi Hotel’s restaurant area is an ideal place for you.

Treat your tongue with delectable meals prepared by experienced chefs sure to satiate your hunger with desirable delicacies.

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Al Mukhtara Al Gharbi Hotel - Restaurant